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Sam H09:05:58

There’s also C-c SPC - clojure-align

C-c SPC runs the command clojure-align (found in clojure-mode-map), which is an
interactive compiled Lisp function in 'clojure-mode.el'.

It is bound to M-RET f l, M-m m f l, C-c SPC, and many ordinary text characters.

(clojure-align BEG END)

Vertically align the contents of the sexp around point.
If region is active, align it.  Otherwise, align everything in the
current "top-level" sexp.
When called from lisp code align everything between BEG and END.


@kurt-o-sys don't forget you can also use the TAB key to align the current line


Anyone know how I can evaluate to browser from cljc files ? seems to go by default to the clojure repl


@claudiu do you have clojurescript repl running? If you do, then you have to switch major-mode to clojurescript and then it will evaluate in cljs repl


@ag that did the trick. Just switched from vim. thank you


bonus: you can see CLJ parts greyed out, and vice versa 😉


@claudiu it’s gonna be a bumpy road, but trust me - it’s absolutely worth it. Diehard Vimmer here. One day I woke up knowing that Emacs is better Vim than Vim


:)) so far so good, with evil mode I have 90% of the workflow I had in vim. For clojure develoment it seems on a totally different level 🙂