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Hi. Totally new to spacemas. Seems really nice, but can’t seem to find a way to install Parinfer. Can anyone help me out with this ?


As far as I know, there’s not yet a Parinfer layer so you’ll have to bolt it on manually. I don’t use it myself but I think it relies on JavaScript or some other external language to do its magic.


Hi, I've just finished the video about Clojure development with spacemacs: There's also a companion blog post with short summary: You can check them out if you think they will be useful for you (especially the beginners)


I'd appreciate if you leave some comments, since this is my first video. So far, I'd be more happy if I'd used larger font and doing it a bit shorter.


@claudiu might want to look at if you haven’t already


if you can’t wait for that to be merged (it has been open a while) these steps seemed to work for me:

- $ cd ~/.emacs.d
- $ git remote add doglooksgood [email protected]:DogLooksGood/spacemacs.git
- $ git checkout doglooksgood/develop -- layers/+vim/parinfer
- add `parinfer` to `dotspacemacs-configuration-layers` (restart to install)


thank you 🙂 works now.


anyone know if there’s a simple way to have ‘cider-grimoire’ formatted nicely with colours ?


@jumar - I haven't watched it yet, but I'd think that's appropriate for #announcements to get a wider audience. :-) Ask in #slack-help (or maybe ask @seancorfield directly) if you're not sure.


@jeff.terrell thanks, but I don't want to disturb too many people 🙂. I think that this channel is just the right granularity.