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@eggsyntax I am going to suggest e ; as a keybinding for cider-eval-defun-to-comment in a pull request, as I use that a lot. The keybinding from CIDER is C-c M-; so it seems a reasonable Spacemacs keybinding


@jr0cket cool. So what do you typically use it for? So far I've been finding it a bit less handy than I initially thought.


live coding demos, coding dojos and pair programming - and just so I dont need to remember what other parts of the code should do 🙂


I tend to create a lot of REPL driven development code in the namespace, to explore what things do...


or if I am trying to figure out some code


The former three make tons of sense, hadn't considered contexts where you want to demo something to someone who's watching. The latter hasn't been so much, for me -- seems like the comment is mostly only useful if it's a pretty static bit of code. & in the REPL I tend to just eval & let the result print.


I tend to use it less when I know whats going on 🙂


I've created a pull request to add the keybinding for cider-eval-defun-to-comment here: