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try to eval buffer, before cider-find-var


@eggsyntax : if you want to revisit undo-tree history, do you first do undo-tree-load-history? Just trying to figure out if I'm doing things right here.


After having added (setq undo-tree-auto-save-history t) to the (defun dotspacemacs/user-config () part of my .spacemacs, I seem to have gained some kind of persisted undos that can be revisited with undo-tree-load-history. However, if I edit a file, save and close emacs, then reopen the file, edit a bit more and try to do undo-tree-load-history, emacs says it can't because I have edited the file, so this is not quite equivalent to what I've experienced before with vim.


(And still desire)


What I would really like is a potentially endless, undoable history of the edits that I have performed on all of the files I have opened in emacs, possibly stored in some place of my choosing, and possibly with some kind of cap of my choosing. I'm not sure that this is readily available in Spacemacs or Emacs, but if anyone knows about it, I'd love a pointer!


@reefersleep interesting. I never explicitly load the undo tree; I just do undo-tree-visualize & it’s there, and persists after quitting & restarting emacs. Don’t know why the difference. I’ll attach my .spacemacs in case you’d like to pick through it, see if you can isolate the difference (pardon the mess 😉 ).


@eggsyntax that is a bit weird. Thanks for the upload, I'll have a look at it 🙂


@eggsyntax Didn't spot anything particular about your .spacemacs. However, I figured something out about the behavior of undo-tree on my computer; if I emacs file, undo-tree information persisted from earlier sessions is not loaded. Once I have started emacs, any file I open from inside emacs will open with undo-tree information loaded.


Kind of annoying, since it means that at any time, I risk overwriting the previously recorded undo-tree history by opening a file from the terminal and editing it.


Oh, that's annoying 😞

reefersleep20:04:49 apparently someone else has experienced this, too. Seems to me to be a legit bug that just hasn't been fixed yet.


Oddly, I don't get that behavior. FWIW I'm running emacs-plus on a Yosemite mac.


I'm using spacemacs 0.105.19, with emacs-24.5.1, on Ubuntu.


I've sent the creator of Undo Tree, Toby Cubitt, a mail regarding the issue.


Will have to see what he says 🙂