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@jamieorc - Thanks for writing up your thoughts. :-) Yeah, I agree, it's not always very easy in emacs to figure out how to do those sorts of things. I think Spacemacs' menu system helps a lot, but it still isn't as beginner-friendly as a point-and-click GUI in some cases.


@ag as a long-time vimmer I often just fall back to vi/ex commands to do quick search and/or replace, ie / for search and %s/foo/bar/ for search & replace.


Last night I forked spacemacs, moved my dir I’d been using since end of the year and started over—keeping my .spacemacs file. Somewhere since then, I can not get it to have any other background color than black—and I’m not setting it to black any where. Looking for guidance. I also switched to ivy and can’t seem to find any docs on configuring it


@eggsyntax ex-commands are totally dope. here’s the full list


I've recently been trying to switch a few of my habits over to spacemacs-native commands just for the sake of less-taxing keystrokes (my pinky finger takes a lot of abuse), eg SPC f s instead of shift-;-w-enter to save a file. But I still use plenty of ex cmds.