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I've been having an issue recently where my Spacemacs will hang for like 10+ seconds if I let it bring up a keystroke completion menu. For example, if I type SPC f and wait for a second, it hangs for a while to show all the commands that begin with f. Anybody else seen this issue?


@jeff.terrell in which major mode you’re experiencing this?


I used to have something like this and it turned out to be issue with semantic


@ag I don't think it matters which major mode I'm in, but let me try to verify that. 😬


Is semantic a layer in Spacemacs or something else?


semantic is a built-in package in Emacs


at some point it wasn’t working nicely with company


Hmm, it doesn't seem to be happening (as painfully anyway) at the moment. I wonder if a cache is warm somewhere. I'll keep an eye on which major mode I'm in when I experience it again.


How would I test whether semantic is an issue? Maybe M-x semantic-mode?


Well, but when I run that it tells me it's enabled, implying that it's disabled by default. So I'm thinking that's not the issue.


open a emacs-lisp file and try to write a function. just any function. see if the completion works fine


Hmm, by completion do you mean C-n and C-p in evil mode? Or something else? Because those work fine.


do you have auto-completion layer added?


Gotta run for now. Thanks for the help!


Hello. I'm a very recent neovim convert, still trying to find my way around. In vim, I heavily used tabs for almost everything. So far I used buffers, which works pretty nice, but probably I can get something better. Any recommendations?


In my case I use to tie buffers by projects. But certainly there are more use cases.


Thanks, I'll read these


@igel - I made the same transition a while back. Now I like what spacemacs provides better than vim's tabs, but it took me some getting used to.


Some key sequences I use all the time: - SPC TAB is like :bp in vim: switch to the previous buffer. - SPC b b - switch to a buffer by fuzzy matching on the name. - SPC p f - find a file with fuzzy matching in the current project. - :A - switch between test and implementation (in some languages anyway).


Also SPC b d deletes the current buffer, which keeps the set of buffers you're matching against with SPC b b manageable. Similarly, SPC p k deletes all buffers for the current project. Although, you probably don't need to be as concerned about open buffers as I am. :-)

Sam H16:03:10

:A did seem to work for me in clojure. Ended up finding out that SPC p T is projectile-find-test-file and SPC p a is projectile-find-other-file (which goes to the src file if you're in a test file)


@jeff.terrell Thanks. The first 3 I already found, but :A and the others are new to me

Sam H16:03:42

actually SPC p a toggles between src and test file