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Hey y’all. 🙂 Just starting the Spacemacs ABC tutorials on YouTube right now to get even better. For some reason SPC SPC isn’t working for me to jump to words in the current buffer. Was this removed at some point after this series, or did I just mess up my keybindings somehow? Thanks!


@keatondunsford: It became the keybinding for calling an emacs function by name


@keatondunsford: Not having used the jumping words function you're describing, I'm not sure where that went


@keatondunsford SPC SPC long time ago has become alias for M-x which is awesome. Function you’re looking for is on SPC j j now


When I start up Spacemacs I get a warning that it can't find tern, but tern is in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/bin is in my exec-path. :thinking_face: