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Howto? I've got 2 windows, one with a repl, and containing an ordinary file. The behaviour of spacemacs now seems to be: if you delete the buffer with the file, the window is closed as well, leaving you with 1 window, i.e. the repl. I'd prefer if I delete the buffer with the file, the window it is contained in is not closed, but loads, well, the 'previous' buffer (like spacemacs behaves when you have 2 windows each containing one file).


if you use spacemacs/kill-this-buffer or SPC b d it should keep windows configuration intact


also I prefer to bury-buffer instead of killing it


@kurt-yagram It’s important to not that the behavior you mention is a vim behavior, not a spacemacs behavior. So if you use the :bd command, you will get the vim (evil-mode) behavior.


@ag @mahinshaw Ah, ok, thanks, makes sense. Got it.