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Well thank you. I think Neotree has been confused when I've tried to use other stuff while it was open, as well - rgrep or magit, for example. Better move on, then!


@eggsyntax @ag is there another alternative readily available in Spacemacs? The wealth of stuff already there is awesome, but also difficult to get an overview of.


Or maybe there is an easy way to incorporate something not there, like direx? I'm still an emacs newb.


From line 4 in the file:

Using clojure 1.9 map namespace syntax. (


@reefersleep I mostly use SPC-p-h and do search-based file opening; I only use neotree when I explicitly want to look at the directory structure. helm also has some built-in directory-style navigation like helm-find-files. In terms of other file navigation libs, I haven't tried any. If you find one that has a spacemacs package, you can just add the package name to dotspacemacs/layers in .spacemacs. If you find one that doesn't, you can try adding it to dotspacemacs-additional-packages, and maybe it'll just work. If it doesn't, you'd have to create a spacemacs package, which doesn't sound too hard, but I haven't done it myself.


@kurt-yagram is your project using 1.8 or 1.9?


Thanks a lot, @eggsyntax ! I think I'll try to make use of those first approaches you mentioned before attempting a different navigation lib.


Yeah, I only turn to the ones at the end if there's something I really want.


@reefersleep this is a sample layer how your direx setup may look like:


some of my clojure :variables in my spacemacs config layer are ignored after I upgraded to latest emacs and latest spacemacs


@jasonjckn maybe try setting them in with-eval-after-load? what’s broken?