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@hkjels, I’ve learned that that is actually a common occurrence: packages seem to get uploaded without thorough testing. I know some Emacs guys who have been around a long time and they defer updating packages until they absolutely must. Just to avoid these sorts of problems.


For awhile there, updating packages was the first thing I’d do with Spacemacs every morning until stuff started dismantling itself here or there. Now I do it weekly (which is my compromise between my natural urge to have the latest version of everything and not wanting to have to deal with creeping breakages).


yep, this is super common, unfortunately


thankfully the fixes usually also come out quickly


yeah, I have this stupid habit of updating things first thing in the morning. Now if I feel the urge, I usually scroll through #C09C8GRLY Gitter channel and make sure nobody’s been screaming in agony for the past few hours


@ag, probably a good idea. I should probably hang out on that channel too.


it feels quite noisy at times. a lot of newcomers. which is a good thing