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@mathpunk: I’m running figwheel and Cider without having noticed any real issues


Since I have figwheel, I don’t really use the REPL that much though, but it works


Just be sure to Jack-in-clojurescript instead of clojure


@hkjels: Hm. Can you tell me how you set up your lein profile? The last time I tried it seemed like there was stale information on how to set the system up


I use figwheel daily with cider. No problems. Just checkout the above link. Let me know if you have any ?’s


@mahinshaw Thanks! That looks updated since the last time I gave it a shot


yeah it’s pretty helpful. I also make a dir-local.el with this ((nil . ((cider-cljs-lein-repl . "(start-figwheel)")))), where (start figwheel) is in my user.clj, which starts figwheel for me when is call cider-jack-in-clojurescript.


will i need to load that from my .spacemacs somewhere? i don’t actually know how to load .el files. Having not come from emacs, there’s some idioms I feel I’m missing


no. you put a dir-local.el file in the project you are working on (or in a directory above, if you have a bunch of projects with the same config style). and emacs will find the file for you when you enter the directory. So there really isn’t anything you have to do after that.


Note that cljs repl behavior in CIDER changed between versions 12/13, so @mathpunk you may get some confusing instructions here from people on other versions.


That link will also point you to the gnu docs on per-directory local vars.


(can't tell y'all a lot of details on changes, I'm afraid, this is via discussion of it w/ a friend who switched to 13 recently. I'm still on 12 myself)


And I’m pretty sure this worked on 12 as well.


@mathpunk: sorry, I was actually lying to you. I have figwheel-sidecar set up in my project. Did you get it up and running?


No, I probably won’t have a chance to try until this evening or after the weekend


@hkjels Turns out I do have time. I’m setting up the clojure layer, and I’m getting this: