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@sveri - I wonder about this too. the problem is that scratch buffers are not attached to a project in the sense of projectile.


@mahinshaw: Also the question here goes into this direction: actually someone suggests to RTFM and someone else to close the question as to broad. I want SO from 5 years before back -.-


@sveri That question seems to point to using Dired


which would solve a majority of his issues


Might be, but for newcomers all the plugins are a pain IME. Everyone has different keystrokes (obv.) there is hardy any consistency between them recognizable and learning how to use all the stuff is just to much for a normal brain. So a spacemacs included solution would be preferable IMO.


@sveri: Dired is not so hard to use. Certainly it has a fair number of keybindings, but you can use it just fine with j, k, RET, and ^.


Dired is a built in emacs mode, and it is super easy. It’s how I learned to navigate files in emacs. I think the problem lies with spacemacs being a large abstraction on emacs. This leads people to not knowing how emacs works, and what is available, and for that matter, how to deal with problems. That said, I love spacemacs