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Chris O’Donnell20:12:16

Does anyone know how to follow links in the documentation pages (without clicking on them with the mouse)?


You should just be able to hit RET


All the docs are org files, so you can always check the org layer for keybindings

Chris O’Donnell20:12:04

RET just takes me to the next line; it's bound to evil-ret. If you wouldn't mind, what is it bound to for you in org files?

Chris O’Donnell20:12:29

The only keybindings I can find relating to links are mouse--down-1-maybe-follows-link (and the same, but for double clicking).

Chris O’Donnell21:12:42

I figured it out. The relevant function is called org-open-at-point and it's bound by default to M-RET and , l.


@codonnell: Are you on develop?


ok. I'm on develop, which is likely the disconnect.


you are right about the function though

Chris O’Donnell21:12:47

Yeah, that could explain it.