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I joined the #rdf channel, but I never see anything in the backlog because "your team has more than 10.000 messages in its archive". How often do I need to check in (on avg) to avoid loosing the last message of the backlog?


it seems to be the traffic on #clojure that kills the other channels


btw.. why no Gitter?


@stain: It seems you need to read slack messages you should visit the channel once a day to be sure. You may be able to get away with up to 4 days, but only if only it's relatively quiet on slack.


If people want to share things more permanently, they could use a mailing list or write an article.


I prefer over slack for many reasons, but it seems we are riding the slack hype for now.


yeah.. I never ran into such a limit on Gitter (not sure how Gitter makes their money - private rooms?)


it's just too many tabs fo rme to remember to open.. I think I'm on 4 different slack organizations -- probably can't remember 3 others


all with slightly different email addresses 🙂


@stain Some of us are currently bridging a few low-volume rooms to We mostly do this for testing but if you're interested I could bridge the #rdf room and then you may use it via Slack or Riot and have full history in Riot/Matrix


Another option is to sonnect to slack via the irc gateway with a client that logs traffic (if we have the irc gateway enabled)


Regarding Gitter: there are several #clojure Gitter rooms. When "Slackopalypse" was first mooted (a year or more ago?), several teams of people here trialed a number of alternatives but they were pretty much all shot down as "not as good as Slack"... so the community stayed here instead.