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Hello. We would like to bridge some of the Slack rooms onto Matrix, to do that we would need the webhook URL for each channel we'd like to bridge. Would the admins be open/able to providing us these URLs?


I think the best option for this the test token. I sent request, but till this point I didn’t get approve. By the way, that is possible seancorfield said to me (if you don’t want to spam the channels etc, at my case that is 100%.. just analysis).


@martinklepsch Some of the bridging integrations are pretty noisy but if you tell me which channels, I’ll talk with the other admins about it.


@seancorfield I'd like to test with a low-volume channel like #community-matrix first and then see how it works/feels etc


‘k will bring it up with the admins...


@seancorfield also in what way can a bridge be noisy? you mean non-message actions being more prominent than they should be?


Yeah, and some bridges add a lot more than just the message in the way they quote stuff etc. Testing in a dedicated channel sounds fine to me tho’...


Most hooks post under a specific bot name as well, so following conversations can be hard.


Let us know how it goes!