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require() of ES Module /home/ribelo/code/alzey/node_modules/node-fetch/src/index.js from /home/ribelo/code/alzey/build/alzey.js not supported.
this is the first time I have encountered such a problem


thats a node error, not a shadow-cljs error


yeah, it'll become more frequent as more node packages move over to ES. kinda annoying.


any quick workaround?


"quick" would be changing the node-fetch version to one that has the commonjs files


otherwise there is no "quick" solution, as moving to :target :esm may have all sorts of other challenges 😉


as usual there's a catch, damn it, I could have been a carpenter


or gardener, that's what I would like to be, I could blame the weather for everything


So latest version of react navigation (for react native) checks whether a component’s fn name is capitalized. The issue is that even if I capitalize the component, the namespace name is being appended. e.g. Home becomes myapp.Home Can anyone think of a workaround for this? Not sure if shadow-cljs or clojurescript handles this, and if proper avenue would be to find a solution in cljs or open up issue / fork library


for clarity, the problem is that if a component’s name is capitalized, device gets lots of warnings about improper naming


sounds like a question for reagent or whatever other react wrapper you are using


not sure how react-navigation is checking the names. functions don't have names usually.


I'm using my own wrapper so I have full control. They're checking via, which is read only, unfortunately. (I'm setting the fn.displayName appropriately)

thheller17:02:35 won't even exist in release builds so I don't know what this check is supposed to do


I may open an issue in react navigation to request they check the displayName and fallback to the function name


I know it is a built-in property. Just saying that the closure compiler will optimize that name away. so turns function whatever() to function () if the name is never directly used


since it can't see what react-navigation is using it most likely will optimize it away


checking whether a function name is capitalized sounds absolutely silly to me. can't you just turn off that check? whatever it is meant to do?


for context. in development this is an example error I see

Got a component with the name 'app$client$mobile$app$register_screen' for the screen 'Register'. React Components must start with an uppercase letter. If you're passing a regular function and not a component, pass it as children to 'Screen' instead. Otherwise capitalize your component's name.


but yes i agree it’s silly and fix should be with library


and what is that message supposed to tell me?


oops, it got trimmed. fixed above. they use the check to ensure that a prop is indeed a component, as that is the convention used in js land. the outputted name is akin to the way cljs compiler outputs variables so I know that’s being done somewhere in build process. I was looking to see if there was any hacks to work around this, but i’m going to open issue w react navigation for a proper fix


yeah that seems like an annoying warning. can't think of anything to change this on the CLJS side

👍 1

I ran into this today too. In case anyone else has this issue and finds this, I did this to remove the warnings:

(set! js/console.warn
      (fn [message]
        (when-not (str/includes? message "React Components must start with an uppercase letter.")
          (js/console.warn message))))


ehm doesn't that end in a infinite loop? calling itself all over again? should save a reference to the old js/console.warn somewhere?