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you can't run react-native in node, so node targets won't work. I believe what jest does is replace any react-native require with something else but not sure


I'd assume jest somehow hooks itself into require to do this. dunno how though. maybe its just a build tool, as in it preprocesses the code before running it


eg you could try running :node-test with :js-options {:js-provider :shadow :keep-native-requires true :resolve {"react-native" {:target :npm :require "some-replacement"}}} etc


not really recommended to do this but might be enough if you don't have too many other react-native dependencies


Yeah, that's what I tried and it didn't work. As soon as I add another react-native dependency, it fails with some cryptic errors like: Module not provided: @babel/runtime/helpers/interopRequireDefault

Drew Verlee23:12:26

Is there a way to just do a recursive merge on the config? I want to add re-frame-10x by having a local config file and merging it via:

--config-merge re-frame-10x.edn

   {:preloads []}
     {re-frame.trace.trace-enabled?        true true}}}
But that doesn't work, i believe it inserts into the build level, but when i do that, my app doesn't start. so i assume it overwrites.