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Well, I have some progress. Ive reinstalled clojure, reinstalled node, reinstalled shadow-cljs, tried :aot false, but now I'm getting a different error.

stuarts@x-lap-562:/mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame$ shadow-cljs watch app
shadow-cljs - config: /mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame/shadow-cljs.edn
Error: Could not find or load main class clojure.main
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.main


when watching a build using a :resolve with :target :file in the :js-options, the changes to the specified file doesn’t trigger a re-compile. is this expected?

Raymond Ko14:09:36

extreme long shot, but what happens if the directories don't have underscores.


think im just going to accept i can't do cljs on this machine


i can still regular clojure, start repls etc


@qmstuart how are you starting those? you can just use shadow-cljs with deps.edn or project.clj. Although I'd be interested in figuring out what the problem is. Don't have an immediate guess. I'm on Windows and WSL myself so I know it works just fine.


Thank you so much! Deleting the repositories and rerunning seems to have fixed it. I think whats happened is my internet connection here is absymal (<100kbps) and maybe some stuff has failed to download initially!


ah yeah that can happen


try wiping your ~/.m2/repositories dir. maybe there is something weird going on there. It'll just download all the files again


I'm upgrading some of my deps, shadow-cljs included, and I'm getting some new errors when connecting my editor to the repl.


your editor seems to be sending something weird? "(in-ns ':repl/exception!)" that doesn't look right


I can't find where that's coming from, but after clearing some caches and restarting things, I can't seem to reproduce the error. Thanks for looking.