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I think I figured out what the problem was, seems that it was a monorepo on the top level and the package I had to link to was under a packages directory

Michaël Salihi08:09:16

Hi, when releasing an app using eternal-index js-options, I had this warning:

[:app] Compiling ...
------ WARNING #1 -  -----------------------------------------------------------
 Resource: shadow.js.shim.module$react_dom.js:3:34
 variable shadow$bridge is undeclared


hmm did I not add that to the externs? could have sworn I did. which version do you use?


should be fine. open an issue if you can reproduce it. can't check right now

Michaël Salihi09:09:08

OK, I wiil. Thanks

Raymond Ko15:09:03

Has anyone gotten build reports to work recently? I'm trying but it's failing with:

failed to run function:
{:tag :shadow.cljs.devtools.cli-actual/clj-run, :main-sym}
ExceptionInfo: failed to run function:
        shadow.cljs.devtools.cli-actual/do-clj-run (cli_actual.clj:110)
Caused by:
Hook [0] failed in stage :flush
NoSuchFileException: .shadow-cljs/release-snapshots/my-build/latest/main.js
I am not sure where main.js is coming from...

Raymond Ko15:09:58

Okay, I figure it out. Build reports assumes the output file is named after the thing in :modulesbut if you use :output-to then it gets named something completely different.

Raymond Ko15:09:17

shadow-cljs can't find the output.


build reports currently only support the :browser target


size of node libraries usually isn't an issue

Raymond Ko17:09:18

Thanks, I somehow got it to work by changing output to "main.js". I was using this for AWS Lambda and trying to figure out cold boot time, where size does have a impact.

Raymond Ko15:09:56

Could this be because I am trying to make a :node-library and it is missing :modules {:main {}} ?


Hi, I'm trying to run shadow-cljs watch app . I'm using WSL on windows via VS Code. This project I'm trying to run works perfectly on my Ubuntu machine. But when I try to run watch app on WSL I'm getting the following error:

[email protected]:/mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame$ shadow-cljs watch app
shadow-cljs - config: /mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame/shadow-cljs.edn
Execution error (NoClassDefFoundError) at java.lang.Class/forName0 (
Could not initialize class cognitect.transit__init

Full report at:
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. My shadow-cljs.edn
;; shadow-cljs configuration

           [[binaryage/devtools "0.9.10"]
            [reagent "1.0.0"]
            [re-frame "1.2.0"]
            [ "1.0.1"]
            [ "0.2.3"]
            [bidi "2.1.6"]
            [cljs-ajax "0.8.1"]
            [com.andrewmcveigh/cljs-time "0.5.2"]
            [com.rpl/specter "1.1.3"]]

 :nrepl    {:port 3333}
 :dev-http {8080 "public"}
 :builds   {:app {:target           :browser
                  :output-dir       "public/js"
                  :modules          {:main {:init-fn }}
                  :compiler-options {:closure-defines {re-frame.trace/trace-enabled?        true
                  :devtools {:http-root "public"
                             :http-port 3000
                             :preloads []}}}}


Ive installed node on wsl, it reports its version as

[email protected]:/mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame$ node --version

Raymond Ko15:09:31

Could it as simple as missing the transit dependency?

[com.cognitect/transit-cljs "0.8.269"]
[com.cognitect/transit-clj "1.0.324"]


add these to my shadow deps edn?

Raymond Ko15:09:00

What happens if you add the above two lines to :dependencies?


Added those, saved the file, ran shadow-cljs watch app again and got same error

[email protected]:/mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame$ shadow-cljs watch app
shadow-cljs - config: /mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame/shadow-cljs.edn
WARNING: The com.cognitect/transit-clj dependency in shadow-cljs.edn was ignored. Default version is used and override is not allowed to ensure compatibility.
The versions provided by shadow-cljs can be found here: 
shadow-cljs - updating dependencies
shadow-cljs - dependencies updated
Execution error (NoClassDefFoundError) at java.lang.Class/forName0 (
Could not initialize class cognitect.transit__init

Full report at:


it looks like its ignoring the lines I added ?

Raymond Ko15:09:16

Hmm. I don't have any immediately ideas. • Maybe there is some global deps.edn modifying version. • Try npm install shadow-cljs and ./node_modules/bin/shadow-cljs to use latest version • Does moving the project into the Linux FS instead of /mnt/c work?


THanks anyway for your help, its appreciated 🙂

Raymond Ko15:09:29

Does shadow-cljs classpath show anything wrong?


it doesnt generate any errors

Raymond Ko16:09:30

The next I would try is to upgrade shadow-cljs. According to the log, you are using version 2.11.22, which seems a bit old compared to current being

Raymond Ko16:09:38

Like personally I do what said above and use the one from npm install and node_modules to ensure that the tool is version controlled and always up to date when I use npm-check-upgrades

Raymond Ko16:09:56

I would uninstall the global one.


ah ok, I'll try that

Raymond Ko16:09:08

Something like that yeah. 1. Create a package.json if you don't already have it npm init and put in whatever. 2. npm install --save-dev shadow-cljs 3. ./node_modules/.bin/shadow-cljs watch app


what is the error in /tmp/clojure-11163815081130707132.edn?


I'm afraid I don't know what a lot of that means


sticking it in a gist, 2 secs


:clojure.error/class java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError,
  :clojure.error/line -2,
  :clojure.error/cause  "Could not initialize class cognitect.transit__init",


I did npm install and it says its all up-to-date


[email protected]:/mnt/c/Users/stuarts/Source/___TESTREPOS/__Clojure/tic-tac-toe-re-frame$ npm install

up to date, audited 112 packages in 1s

3 packages are looking for funding
  run `npm fund` for details

found 0 vulnerabilities


@qmstuart I don't know why you'd get that error. can you try setting :aot false in your shadow-cljs.edn config? same level as :source-paths