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Is there a quicker way to get a react-native app to try to reconnect to the shadow-cljs server after it lost that connection (for example wifi reconnect) than re-starting the app with react-native run-android ?


hi. is there a way to depend on a cljs library which depends on npm libs, but tell shadow to not include the npm source in the build? or to put it another way, put :exclusions on npm-deps ? I see the bit about cdn and resolve-global here: which would be handy if I could do the exclusions


@henryw374 :js-options {:resolve {"npm-dep" false}} will "ignore" the dependency but fail if you actually attempt to use it in the code


:npm-deps {:install false} in the shadow-cljs.edn root will not attempt to install npm-deps from deps.cljs at all, there are no specific exclusions otherwise