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Phil Jackson12:03:58

Hey. Is there a trick for getting typehints to things in a go block?

Phil Jackson12:03:12

If I put the right hint (I think) where it should go (I think), it doesn't fix things for me.


unfortunately core.async loses typehints

Phil Jackson12:03:03

Ok. Back to promises. Thanks for the swift reply.

Phil Jackson13:03:27

Actually, I can just wrap the culprits...


Hi there - any tips for introspecting app state via the REPL when you have 2 browser clients connected? For example, I have a user via regular Chrome window + a second user via incognito Chrome window. The browser runtime for the REPL seems to default to whichever browser client connects first, which makes sense... but I'm curious if it's possible to look at both?

thheller19:03:29 you can switch the REPL by specifying the :runtime-id. so (shadow/repl :app {:runtime-id 123})


Awesome -- thanks a lot thomas!


the runtime id is printed on connect in the console. or you can find in the UI http://localhost:9630/runtimes. inspect and tap> might also be useful