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AJ Jaro01:12:54

yep, that makes sense it’ll recompile, but from my experience that high CPU usage can sometimes continue for quite a while even after the build is completed.


Hey @thheller I have been playing around with and when I tried to wire it up from node.js output I ran up against an issue with how to include the ws npm package.


Because flow-storm leverages sente I figured I would look there


and seems to be the root of the issue, if I :require "ws" it isn't in a spot where sente expects


what is the recommended way to solve this?


Should I monkey patch the goog/global obj (this what I am planning right now), should I issue some kind of PR to sente, or does Shadow have some cool workaround in the config I can setup?


Maybe something else?


@royalaid from what I can tell it expects the node websocket package, not ws? it certainly tries to hide that require as much as possible 😛


@thheller I think it is so that it works around some react native stuff, and ws is the npm websocket package complicating this all the more 😂


I do understand why they do this hack. I do not understand why you are talking about the ws package. there is an actual websocket package they expect. at no point do I see any reference to ws?


Ya know, upon reflection I think you might be on to something. I may have been conflating the two this whole time.


shadow-cljs actually uses the ws package for node so you'll need both but as far as sente is concerned that expects websocket