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David Pham10:12:03

did you check the console for veryfing the paths of the assets?

Karol Wójcik11:12:07

Is it possible to turn off installations of devtools in worker environment?


Hey guys, how do you deploy your release builds? Specifically this part of

Karol Wójcik11:12:05

Depends. You can put the output of release build on s3, behind nginx. It depends what you need.


Ah, I guess I'm after the simplest way of doing so. I was looking at Heroku specifically as one of the easiest (it seems)


After reading a bit, it seems like I'll have to set up nginx/apache/some web server in Heroku


Oh damn, thanks. I'll try it out

Alexis Vincent17:12:19

@UR37CBF8D Highly recommend Vercel

Alexis Vincent17:12:40

can get it online as simply as “vercel .”


Update: Netlify was so damn easy to use @UJWLUPW13 But I'll check Vercel out too!

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is there a way to restart the process backing the node repl? I sometimes seem to get into a broken state where prints inside async evaluations are not captured properly


@martinklepsch from the clj-repl (shadow/stop-worker :node-repl)

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