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@ronny463 I use it in production in some old stuff but I'd consider it dead. you are welcome to fork it but I likely won't be updating it anymore. that being said it works just fine and doesn't really require updates. it works well but the main problem I have with it is having to come up with a name for every single element. that gets kind of tedious after a while.

Ronny Li13:11:51

Thanks for your input and for all the great work you do! A few follow-on questions: 1. Is naming every element in shadow.markup more tedious than creating new classes in CSS? I would imagine it can't be worse 2. If you're not using shadow.markup anymore does that mean you've settled on an alternative like garden?


I'm mostly using tailwind these days. never used garden. the naming issue also is pretty much the same as in other systems like BEM yes. it is comparable in that way and I'd prefer shadow.markup over those systems


tailwind isn't perfect either though. kinda tough to find the "best" system

Ronny Li15:11:46

Ah great! Tailwind was actually my alternative 🙂 shadow.markup looks great and honestly close to Tailwind in terms of usefulness but I'll probably go with Tailwind since the project is still active