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AJ Snow19:09:23

just as an update, I tried restart and it fixed everything before I had a chance to try those two other suggestions. I think maybe I had a second instance still running that I never actually closed maybe? I'm not sure. Either way thanks!

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I'm trying to use Shadow.cljs on an Apache server WITHOUT url fragments (the index.html in every directory is identical for now). However, my js map seems to have issues because it looks up my resources relative to each file. Can anyone tell me how it shoudl be set up in this scenario?


use an absolute :asset-path "/js" not a relative :asset-path "js"


Ah -- the :asset-path : perfect. Thanks!


Related problem: I created /portfolio/index.html and now it works if I browse to localhost/portfolio/ ; however, I need it to work without the slash at localhost/porfolio . Suggestions?