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Hey all, I git cloned a re-frame project and am working on it. If I make any changes in the files and save them, hot reloading happens.But when I created a new file and saved it, it gets compiled but hot reloading doesnt happen. I am giving shadow-cljs watch app every time after saving to compile it. But the changes are getting rendered. What might be the issue here?


@hana.8500 I can't quite follow your problem description. creating a new file doesn't really do anything unless the file is required in your build. if it is it should be reloaded?


Sorry, I'm quite new here. I created another cljs file in the same project that I cloned and when I save it, the changes do not get rendered unless I come out and give shadow-cljs watch app again. Whereas in the files that are already present in the project, if I make any changes and save them, they directly get rendered.


I say again. just creating a new file doesn't do anything


I have linked it from the core file.


do :require the namespace in any ns?


what does the browser console say? it logs every file it reloads?


yeah I have done that and it gets rendered perfectly.


I don't know enough about your code. if you share it somewhere I can take a look what you might be missing


the browser console should be telling you all the relevant info though


The browser console doesn't say much. Just shadow-cljs ready


what might be the reason for source map discrepancies? What I mean is that the reported file:linenr don't seem to be related to the problem at all, it's a simple (def ...) form not sure how could that throw, in fact I am fairly sure I know where the error is, when I send React some value it thinks is a function and tries to call it in a third party component. But, again, this def is not related to that component, it isn't even used there.


@ashnur I just fixed a source map issue in the recent release. whats the context for you though? which target? release or dev? etc?


dev, I will check my version, probably update and try it. But I am very new to this whole thing so I am doing it a bit empirically, with less theory than I would wish for.


dev isn't affected by the changes I made. also never had any reports of source maps being incorrect during dev though.


There are two ways sourcemaps can be incorrect. One is when the mapping points to the wrong place. The other when the mapping is correct but the original stacktrace is not relevant. I am not sure in this second case it's actually a source map issue what I am experiencing. I am not experiencing the first case, that's for sure.


Has anyone gotten shadow-cljs in a luminus app to work on dokku/heroku?


WARNING: The thheller/shadow-cljs dependency in shadow-cljs.edn was ignored. Default version is used and override is not allowed to ensure compatibility. is this error message is about what?


I can´t use :dependencies in shadow-cljs.end anymore?