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Chris McCormick02:04:52

I have an issue where css reloading stops happening after a few successful reloads. What is the best way for me to dig in an help diagnose this?

Chris McCormick03:04:42

Hm it seems to resume after a while. Is there a debounce on the file change time?


@donal.macanri upgrade to 2.8.98, I accidentally broke the REPL in 2.8.95


@chris358 there is a 500ms wait time but shouldn't take longer than that?

Chris McCormick07:04:13

@thheller thanks i will run some tests and also loosen up my CSS editing trigger finger 🔫

Donal Mac An Ri13:04:35

that worked - thank you!


@thheller Are you planning to do a write up of some sort about shadow-experiments? I remember reading some comments you made about it across various forums. I’ve been super interested in it since I learned about it.


wrote a bit in the readme and in the doc folder


but not all of it is current


I'll write more when I figure stuff out probably


thinking about a lot of issues still


oh and I'm dogfooding it all in the shadow-cljs UI so can take a look there if you like


Would also love to hear about the issues you’re thinking about too 😁


various stuff ... async scheduling, subtree priority (eg. delaying updates to parts that aren't visible), animations, etc


don't have too many brain cycles to spend on this currently so not much progress