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@neo2551 :preloads can be specified per module, so just put it into the main module

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@jatkin need to use lein/deps.edn to do classpath trickery

Chris McCormick06:03:03

Should the :worker target be used for service workers as well? There is no mention of services workers in the docs as far as I can tell.


Is it it possible to do with shadow-cljs what you can do with leiningen with regards to checkouts?


you can use lein or deps.edn but otherwise no

Michaƫl Salihi09:03:17

Hi @thheller, does that bring something (performance?), if we call the Reagent dependency like that in Shadow-CLJS project? :dependencies [[reagent "0.8.1" :exclusions [cljsjs/react cljsjs/react-dom]]] vs :dependencies [[reagent "0.8.1"]] We can see in your React native Expo example, Reagent is call wihtout exclusions:


no, doesn't do anything


well it saves you from downloading 2 extra dependencies but thats it

Michaƫl Salihi09:03:08

OK, perfect thx! Since this dependencies are already in ~/.m2 directory, I guess it doesn't care.

Felipe Marques18:03:27

I'm getting :missing-nrepl-middleware when running:

(shadow.api/watch :app)
(shadow.api/nrepl-select :app)
From inside a repl started with cider through deps.edn. I thought cider would inject the nrepl middleware. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


You need to add shadows middleware manually

Felipe Marques18:03:16

Sorry to disturb you again. I'm trying to add this middleware through .dir-locals.el do you have any idea how to do that? I just found the cider-clojure-cli-parameters