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I'm creating a new project from scratch, and when I try to connect to a clojurescript repl in cider it mentiones "no clojure project detected". Do I need to have something to indicate it's a clojure project?


Sounds like an old clojure-mode. Upgrade that to a more recent version that is aware of the shadow project file


actually I think I got it, was connecting to clojure rather than clojurescript repl


Is there an obvious reason won't compile with bootstrapped cljs? I tried removing all the java stuff but keep getting

{:error #error {:message Could not require hoplon.core, :data {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}, :cause #error {:message ns hoplon.core not available, :data {:ns hoplon.core}}}}
when i try to compile it (according to this guide (


Is there a list of rules anywhere on how to make a library bootstrap compatible? Or any general tips for debugging this?


does bootstrapped look for clj files at all?


I also tried changing to cljc


strangely, I have no issues with bootstrapping javelin macros ( directly, even though that's a clj file and has some java calls. But it seems like it's that library (which hoplon also depends on) which I suspect might be giving me the issues when trying to use hoplon. I could be wrong on that though


Hmmm I removed all macros from hoplon and even then it doesn't work. (still getting " Could not require hoplon.core"). My bootstrap build looks like

  {:target     :bootstrap
   :output-dir "public/bootstrap"
   :exclude    #{cljs.js}
   :entries    [cljs.js javelin.core cljs.analyzer hoplon.core]
   :macros     []}


@jjttjj looks to me like hoplon macros aren't self-host compatible


What makes something not compatible? I removed all java calls


I don't have a clue sorry ... far too complex to do a quick check


no problem, thanks!


I'm trying to locate a problem with a version of an npm package. I'm running the compiler with npm shadow-cljs watch my-app and then starting node target/main.js Am I right that I only need to restart the node target/main.js part every time I test a different version of the npm package?


if its a node-script build yes

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wait can google closure js libraries effect self-host-ability ?


no. they are already JS


Strangely though, javelin and it's macros are working perfectly for me, the io ns is never used in that file. I had a local versiont that got rid of the io require and this line, which I don't think is valid cljs But strangely, after I got that working I went back to using the github/master version and it still worked fine. (I deleted caches several times too)


I think I'm just doing something unrelated and dumb because now I keep getting the same error on cljs only projects (even though for some reason javelin still works)


thats one of the namespaces you can't use in self-hosted

David Pham21:03:40

I am trying to use web workers in my workflow, and I am also using for debugging in my :`preloads`in shadow-cljs. My issue is shadow-cljs might also preload the re-frame-10x in my web workers and it will throw an error because 10xrequires document.

David Pham21:03:19

Does anyone know a solution for this issue? I tried to specify a main and also put the :browser-inject :main as advised in the documentation, but I can't overcome this.

David Pham21:03:36

I found a hack: don't preload it, and require the namespace (require ' in the repl after start.

David Pham21:03:30

I don't know how difficult it is, but it could be interesting if we could specify where to inject the preloads similarly to :browser-inject


How can I use different stubs for debug and production? By this it looks like it's not possible? I'm trying to use [Debux](, which has sperate deps for production stubs and development tracing.