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If anyone here is using Vim (Fireplace): did you run into issues with seeing println output from CLJS REPLs?


After switching into a CLJS REPL using shadow.cljs.devtools.api/node-repl I am not seeing any println output anymore.


Thanks. I’m connecting to a CLJ repl via cider and then run (shadow/node-repl) — if my reading of this issue is correct than println should at least work reliably on the first invocation of node-repl , but doesn’t for me. I will try reproducing with console shadow node-repl too


Note that this was working fine-ish with Emacs+Cider but is now not working with Vim+Fireplace.


Printing works on the first node-repl instance but doesn’t on subsequent invocations. (Just confirming what is written down in the issue already.)


every editor seems to interpret the nrepl messages in a slightly different way. there doesn't seem to be a standard for that so I really don't know how everything is supposed to work. it all works fine in Cursive and that is what I test on. if you want to dig into why fireplace isn't happy I can change things (as long as that doesn't break any other editor).


Cool, I’ll try to figure out whats going on there. Thanks for the context, wasn’t sure on which side this should be considered an issue


the problem likely is that the node-repl captures stdout/stderr and sends those without any nrepl message id


fireplace likely either just drops them or displays them somewhere hidden


that indeed sounds very likely