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Joel Holmes02:11:10

If I’m importing an NPM class with a period in it? import { Document } from 'react-pdf/dist/entry.webpack';


I have a JS module I just added to my classpath:

import React from "react";

logs undefined. I am able to require "react" in my CLJS ns' just fine


ah, import * as React. forgot my JS for a sec...


@lilactown actually the import React would be correct but due to undefined CJS->ESM interop it is still import * for now


@holmes89 was there an actual question? importing with a dot is fine if that is the actual name of the file?

Joel Holmes12:11:45

Sorry my question was how do you use the import statement for a library that has a dot or an @ in it in the require statement in a cljs file?


@holmes89 does ["react-pdf/dist/entry.webpack" :as some-cool-name] work ?

Filipe Silva20:11:03

heya, is there a date for the next release?


@filipematossilva will try to do one tomorrow, kinda wanted to finish the UI CLJS eval parts but that was way more work than I anticipated 😛

Filipe Silva21:11:46

no pressure from me, just wondering 😄