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@lvbarbosa yes I’ve seen this, I think it’s a CIDER bug


sometimes it works when I press enter a few times in the REPL, esp. with a CLJS buffer open next to it


seems finnicky

Lucas Barbosa01:10:25

Seems like it works if I cider-set-repl-type to cljs

Lucas Barbosa01:10:21

Nope, goes back to clj mode after a while :(


what version of shadow-cljs are you on? I remember seeing this in the past

Lucas Barbosa02:10:44

I am trying to rollback cider to an older version to see what happens


and what version of CIDER?

Lucas Barbosa02:10:26

previously on 0.23, now trying 0.21

Lucas Barbosa02:10:32

Same thing.. I'll try to downgrade shadow-cljs now Nothing. Went back to a few months ago and still have the same problem. I have no idea on what it might be

David Pham05:10:12

I usually do shadow-CLJS watch app

David Pham05:10:16

And then cider-connect-cljs

Lucas Barbosa13:10:41

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.12.06 (3).png

Lucas Barbosa13:10:54

Same thing with watching the build on terminal and connecting to the repl

Lucas Barbosa13:10:09

The repl work, but it is "disconnected" from the project files. I can't evaluate code in the cljs buffer, nor cider-switch-to-repl-buffer while in .cljs files. I just noticed that the repl buffer says "clojure" and not "clojurescript". Is that an evidence of something?

Lucas Barbosa13:10:10

I forgot to include cider-nrepl this time

Lucas Barbosa13:10:31

Alright, now there's the old message: "WARNING: No Clojure Project was detected" Still can't switch to repl buffer/evaluate code in source files. What versions of cider and shadow-cljs are you using? @UEQGQ6XH7 Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.17.19 (3).png

David Pham13:10:58

Try to your shadow-cljs.edn file on GitHub

David Pham13:10:06

And we can maybe find your problem

David Pham13:10:27

Seems to work

Lucas Barbosa13:10:39

It is the default acme sample app from shadow-cljs: npx create-cljs-project acme-app

David Pham13:10:10

I am at work but I will try to check

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David Pham13:10:34

But you have access to the repl?

Lucas Barbosa13:10:36

If I do a cider-set-repl-type and change the repl to cljs, it works for a while, but then it goes back to clj mode and stops working on cljs files

David Pham13:10:55

By the way yes

David Pham13:10:11

The issue that the repl does not say clojureSciprz is an issue

David Pham13:10:21

Or cider-connect-CLJS

Lucas Barbosa13:10:03

 [[cider/piggieback "0.4.2"]
  [cider/cider-nrepl "0.23.0-SNAPSHOT"]]

Lucas Barbosa13:10:10

This is what I'm using

Lucas Barbosa13:10:17

Does the ordering matter?


@lvbarbosa I changed something in the latest release that may be causing these issues. can you try 2.8.64 and see if those problems are still there?

Lucas Barbosa16:10:45

Thanks @thheller, it worked after a downgrade!

Lucas Barbosa16:10:32

@thheller I went to 2.8.64 and it works also! I was on 2.8.52 previously


thx for the info. getting this nrepl stuff to work as expected has been a struggle

Lucas Barbosa16:10:09

I can imagine... thank you so much for the effort!

Lucas Barbosa16:10:23

I'll take a deeper look at the tool in the future


@lvbarbosa @U0ETXRFEW could you try 2.8.66? I think it should be fixed but I have no clue how to use emacs so I can't test myself

Lucas Barbosa17:10:27

of course, just a sec


I have no clue how to use emacs, either. But I'll try with Calva. 😎

calva 4
Lucas Barbosa17:10:48

@thheller works fine on Emacs!


well lets hope it is correct this time


I'm sure there still stuff wrong 😛

Lucas Barbosa17:10:07

This is my first time doing cljs, so I'm not an "advanced" user. I'll keep an eye on things, but it works for what I need right now


Yes, this behaves like 2.8.52 in Calva. Thanks!!

David Pham05:10:38

Make sure to have piggieback as well


I recently updated to 2.8.64 and that was working on one project, but on a different project I am getting

CompilerException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: read+string in this context, compiling:(shadow/cljs/devtools/server/repl_system/clojure.clj:113:32)
still works when I manually include 2.8.16 (which was what I was using before iirc) so I not a big issue right now.


@bbss thats a bad tools.reader version on the classpath


oh no wait .. its an old clojure?


it shouldn't be..


org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.9.0"}
, kinda old.


that may require 1.10?


yeah I think it was added in 1.10


alright, that worked, time to fix the issues that come with the higher version closure compiler now.


still can't use the very latest. that needs fixes in CLJS itself


Well the one that came with .64.. I had some troubles with importing js a certain way in the other project.


And in this case it was complaining it couldn't find process and I had to npm install it, I'm thinking that was the thing you mentioned earlier when I said I had to include js-options to get my build to work. e.g. npm install shadow-cljs


and that made my build succeed with the latest versions so all good :thumbsup:

Lucas Barbosa13:10:09
replied to a thread:And then `cider-connect-cljs`

The repl work, but it is "disconnected" from the project files. I can't evaluate code in the cljs buffer, nor cider-switch-to-repl-buffer while in .cljs files. I just noticed that the repl buffer says "clojure" and not "clojurescript". Is that an evidence of something?

David Pham13:10:58
replied to a thread:And then `cider-connect-cljs`

Try to your shadow-cljs.edn file on GitHub


is it possible to generate source maps for releases?

Drew Verlee14:10:16

in it mentions it adds cljs-devtools ( to preloads as long as the dep is on the path (in dependencies). When i do this, cljs-devtools formatting feature is enabled but not the "hints" feature ( Any hint on how to enable this in the shadow setup?

Drew Verlee14:10:55

i tried adding features to install [:formatters :hints] to my devtools map


@drewverlee that goes into the :compiler-options {:external-config {:devtools/config ...}} not :devtools

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@steedman87 sure, :compiler-options {:source-map true}

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Can't believe I missed that in the user docs


I was accepted into the Github Sponsors Beta some days ago ... still kinda clueless about the tiers stuff. any comments are welcome

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David Pham22:10:21

I am gonna sponsor you through GitHub then :)

David Pham22:10:34

With the matching mechanism it will double :)


is there a reason to prefer github to patreon? happy to switch if there's a benefit for you @thheller


well github matches so it is 2x but I'm happy either way 🙂


i'll move it over then 🙂


Using shadow-cljs, is possible to pre-process/manipulate code before it gets sent to the ClojureScript compiler?


yes, but it isn't recommended since it can destroy source maps and so on


what do you want to do?


Considering enabling something like this feature in Elixir (Phoenix), where one can give a name to a set of imports/requires, and then use them in any file:

defmodule MyAppWeb.UserController do
  use MyAppWeb, :controller


Kind of to avoid stuff similar to this (though I don't use fulcro):


May not be worth it in Clojure, since namespaces tend to be bigger, though part of the reason for that is also how bad ns is, so not sure


is ns a regular macro in CLJS?


no, it is a special form


@isak changing what the ns does is not really possible from the outside. it already is complicated enough as it is


you also rarely use all of them in the fulcro case, I usually have no more than 3 often just 1