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yeah why it installs in the first place?


also it installs an older version of hightlight.js


I thought that if the package is installed it should not complain


@talgiat there seems to be a misunderstanding here? it installs exactly the versions that it should


it does NOT install the dependencies you already had listed


it only complains ...


I can remove the warnings since I guess they are annoying but everything is working as intended here


if you have any different behaviour and see an actual running: npm install --save [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] + react etc then that is a bug


It seems if I put proxy info in the HOME/.shadow-cljs/config.edn file it isn't picked up. Does that seem plausible? Same info in the shadow-cljs.edn file and all is ok


@thheller are the proxy settings supposed to be read from that file?


Ah. Needed to be under :maven, found it by searching source.

Heikki Hämäläinen14:04:45

Does any one know a working example for minimal AWS Clojurescript shadowcljs Lambda which makes https requests? I have unfortunately problems to get different http clients to work when deploying lambdas. I have tried cljs-https where I am getting “errorMessage”: “Cannot find module ‘xmlhttprequest’” when running in AWS. Running local Node works just fine. Also aws-sdk works quite well. The problems start in AWS after adding cljs-http client. If anyone is interested to help me, I have pushed minimal cljs-app to github which contains the code which I have tried.


@heikki.hamalainen what is the problem? I don't have any of the serverless stuff installed so I can't run your example. maybe I can help if you tell me the errors?


“errorMessage”: “Cannot find module ‘xmlhttprequest’” did you try npm install xmlhttprequest?


"Cannot find module 'xhr2'" this is the message node gives if node_modules/xhr2 doesn't exist


same for xmlhttprequest

Heikki Hämäläinen15:04:59

@thheller You are a life saver 🙂 Now I understand. shadow-cljs release app does not add node_modules to target directory. I just zipped the target and didn understand the need to add node_modules also. AWS-SDK is most likely included in Lambda runtime so it worked without it. I am beginner in clojurescript so I assumed that target contains full software package like lein uberjar.


there is currently experimental support for creating completely standalone .js files but that wouldn't work with cljs-http since it does a "dynamic" (js/require "xmlhttprequest") which this wouldn't cover


but just including node_modules is the more reliable option for now

Heikki Hämäläinen15:04:51

Ok, thank for your quick response. Problem solved and development can continue 🙂


@thheller adding highlight.js fixed that. I think the warning printing is a bit confusing, so removing it will be nice


Hi all, quick question wrt shadow-cljs on React Native. I understand how JS interop works via npm from the docs, but is there also anything that would prevent me from using Reagent's :> syntax for importing and wrapping existing React components? Our UI team has a nice set of elements that I would like to reuse.


@damienstanton you can use them just fine there is just one issue currently in that importing them might be tricky


depends on how the components are written. plain JS would be easy, JSX/flow/ts etc make things harder


Sounds good then - they are plain JS, with no external jsx templates or cross-compilation with TS/etc.


things are really easy if you just put the JS modules into node_modules though


since then metro can deal with the importing and you aren't limited by what shadow-cljs may not support


perfect, I think this is exactly what I need. Thanks @thheller!


Hi I'm having issues getting karma to detect additional tests. With my current configuration I have shadow watching and karma running. If I change or delete tests, they're detected by karma and it logs them fine. However when I add a new test karma does not detect or log the new test. I have to delete .shadow-cljs to get it to detect it. Here is a bare bones repo of my configuration where I can replicate the issue on my machine:


browser tests refresh fine, however I prefer karma because I don't need to use the browser console to see my log statements and I get nice diffs