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just looking into building an electron app with cljs. came across electron-forge ( and am thinking it would be amazing if there were a CLJS option on that page, or at least if there were a 3rd party CLJS template that could be used with it. I'm thinking shadow-cljs would probably have the best integration with its nodejs-based tooling. Thoughts?


I'm experiencing a really annoying issue with shadow-cljs 2.2.6 and nodejs. Basically, any time after switching into a project namespace (using in-ns), restarting the nodejs app throws an "No reader function for tag object." warning/error. Everything still works, but with one of my scripts the error message takes around 30 seconds to print because it seems to be dumping all of the compiler state. I have built a small github repo to demonstrate the issue. I can open a github issue if you want, just thought I'd bring it up here first to see if it is something that I'm doing wrong.


PS - I love the fact that I can just override single files from dependencies, including shadow-cljs, by just adding the file in the right place to my project. Makes investigating (and temporarily fixing) 3rd party bugs so much easier!


@thosmos I haven't done any real electron development, only basic tests. I know that it works well enough but I don't know how a real life app would look and what shadow-cljs could do to help with that. is there a good demo app for electron in CLJS or pure JS?