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Hendrik Poernama10:11:02

Hello, I read "JS-dependencies-in-practice" and am very interested in alternate ways to coexist with npm modules. I'm trying to understand how does shadow-cljs fit in existing build system? Right now I see it as an external application that kinda does everything with its own config files. I see that it also provides watcher and reloader. Does that mean it replaces figwheel or boot-cljs or lein-cljsbuild? Or maybe replace the whole lein/boot in the project?


@poernahi yes, it works standalone. no boot or lein required,


Hi! I'm using shadow-cljs with the guide for working with create-react-app. There's a link to an issue there where @thheller talks about getting auto-reload working for recompiled cljs files. They propose a sym-link solution there, which @thheller makes work - but how? Sorry if this is a noob question, I've been using shadow-cljs for literally 15 minutes


Hmm, also, when I add reagent to my project and require it in a namespace I receive the following error:

Build failure:
The required namespace "create-react-class" is not available, it was required by "reagent/impl/component.cljs".


(using the create-react-app example config)


yarn add create-react-class fixed it, of course