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Here is a document about asynchronous evaluation: cc @hoertlehner @mkvlr This is work in progress (on master) but I invite you to experiment with it


Wow! This is really really helpful!


So @borkdude, you saw the response from Alex regarding my question ... I'm building a library, and not an uberjar, and what I don't understand is, if the jar doesn't get included in the library, will it still get properly include (transitively) so that I can internally publish my library and have it all work even with these git-sha verisons of sci ? I can also just try a simple deployment internally and see what happens but I'd prefer not to do that if I can avoid it.


v0.3.5 released, see below


Anyway it's Sunday so I'll bug you about this during the week!


SCI v0.3.5 support *print-dup* destructuring in protocol impl not working • allow property access on vars in CLJS • Add ->Eduction • Expose print-err-fn in SCI core API • add :name metadata via helper functions and use metadata for var names • Improve error reporting for let* and try Improve instance member call parity with Clojure/JVM • Default *read-eval* / sci/read-eval to false • Expose all-ns and find-ns in sci/core • Fix for copy-ns when var has no metadata • Add add-class and add-import API functions in sci/coresci.async: EXPERIMENTAL namespace for async evaluation in CLJS

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