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I’m running in a weird situation where I get this error

(->> [{:a 1 :b 3}] (map (fn [x] (clojure.set/rename-keys x {:a :aa :b :bb}))))
                                                                           ^--- Could not resolve symbol: x [at line 159, column 68]
It only happens in a specific context. I.e. if I move it outside of the context this same code works like it should. Anyone seen something like this before? I’m not sure yet how to replicate it in a simple context


There are several macros involved and callbacks via reagent, but I’m also passing around the sci context. Maybe I did something bad there


I don’t think it’s the passing of the context, but the macros i’m not sure about. Maybe I’m not forwarding the &env where I should? I actually don’t know how the &env should be used. I only see example where it is ignored


Without a repro, I can't say much about this


I understand, thanks though :) i was hoping for a "maybe this issue". Not sure where to start debugging. I'll workaround it for now and wait untill I have an insight