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A bit late reply here. But I was in a similar position a few months back and decided to go with Rum. Couldn’t be happier. Happy to answer any questions 🙂


Don’t get me wrong Rum looks great — but its age wrt react and the patterns it uses looks like it’ll be problematic for our team. I’m looking to see if we can do SSR from clojure, but write components in a near native react/hooks style… for interop with pure react/js components. Obviously we’ll not be able to SSR component trees that contain js components from clojure; though we should in theory be able to shim them in.


any tips on making reusable components?


Not really apart from the general React ways of doing it. Data down, actions up etc. I’ve done some React work for a few years before trying Rum and find the switch easy 🙂.


Using maps as argument maybe, if any general advice 🙂


don't. Make few small ones, like buttons. But don't make larger ones, you'll just waste your (and other's) time writing it and later trying to use them