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Vincent Cantin06:01:39

@bravilogy I have the same problem when I run it on my computer. As a workaround, it works if you change it to (into [] (repeat n [:.label text])).

Vincent Cantin06:01:54

The documentation may be outdated.

Vincent Cantin07:01:44

I guess that this is the current expected pattern for using a collection of children in Rum.


@bravilogy repeat returns clojure.lang.Repeat, convert it into list or vector


@sova your input on-change mutates input-state atom, which looks like is watched by many other components. If you need state in the single atom, you'd want to subscribe other components (and the one in your example) to a specific path within the atom. See rum/cursor-in rum/cursor rum/derived-atom Or, maybe even better, reimplement other components as a rum/static ones.