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@souenzzo how about using graphql?


graphql is probably very close to what you want


Yeah, it's almost graphql but without a new language. I expect something that allow to declare a query on the view and compose queries as I compose the views. Normalization also good.

James Conkling18:07:31

[qlkit]( also sounds like it might fit the use case. I don’t see explicit bindings for Rum, but it looks un-opinionated enough that it should be relatively straightforward.

James Conkling18:07:08

RE: graphql, are there any well-supported cljs graphql client libraries w/ bindings for rum?


my question there is, how are you managing your state?


you can ask "are there graphql bindings for react?" and the answer is the same thing


graphql is pretty straightforward to consume


it's when you start getting into subscriptions, or partial updates of your local state or whatnot, that you start running into thorny problems


and those are all adjacent to the problem rum solves, which is representing data as views

James Conkling19:07:43

yeah, what I’ve been hoping to find is a cljs graphql client library w/ bindings for Rum, similar to the js Apollo or Relay bindings for React


I'm not entirely sure those even exist for re-frame 😛

James Conkling19:07:27

yeah, I haven’t seen anything for graphql that looks particularly promising. qlkit seems to be taking a stab in that direction, ditto fulcro, om-next, and possibly Reagent/Posh/Datascript and ReFrame/Re-Posh/Datascript


rum is pretty hands-off as far as state management goes, especially compared to om or reagent


I personally am using #citrus but that again is one step removed from the problem of, how do I ingest data from an http source?