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Seems like the reader-tag idea explored here should make the hiccup renderer pluggable:


I don't think you can ship a library with data_readers.clj file, so this would need to be setup by users. I don't dislike the reader tag, it's a neat idea. You could easily hook up hicada/sablono to it.


Oh wait, I'm wrong. It looks like cljs compiler properly gets all the data_readers.cljc files from the JVM resources...


So that would be possible then.


the downside of reader tags here is – html/xml is probably the most verbose thing in clojure dev stack, and even with such short ns name like rum – it will probably suck to read/write it. harold


I agree, especially if every single react element is tagged. I think the Quote: "Also: what if a new release of the compiler changes the formula and somewhere deep inside your app some rarely-seen dialogue will silently stop working? Seems like a time bomb waiting to explode." could probably be relatively simple detect/warned at build time, if a :span, :div (etc) keyword makes it into the build. I'm personally not too worried about this, but I can see how it could silently lead to runtime errors that remain undetected if you don't test components.