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Does anyone know if there is a youtube iframe wrapper for rum? I need to open up youtube video without leaving the page and I'm not sure how to go about it πŸ˜›


@grounded_sage can’t you just render an iframe with rum?


Oh wow. Just looked at youtube and saw how I can use the embed iframe. Looks easy as. I just googled it and ended up on a page with an iframe API and was like whoa. Cheers @martinklepsch for making me dig a little deeper πŸ™‚


Looks like I will need to interop with the API in the end anyways. I need to bring the iframe up and start on click and close the iframe when the video is finished.


ah yeah, that sounds a bit more involved πŸ™‚


What is the best way to do a case with Rum? I'm doing multiple popups and seemed to have backed myself into a corner a bit using atoms.


I'm wanting to refer an atom in one namespace which is passed an icon label which is a string. Then refer to that string in a case in my main namespace and render a component from another namespace which has all the content of that popup.


From memory of reading about Reagent it's best to keep logic outside of the rendering. Like in a let of the component? This seems to stop my popups from working πŸ˜•


(rum/defc pop-up-with-content < rum/reactive[]
    (pop-up [:div {:class [(css {:margin-top "1.5em"
                                 :margin-left "1.5em"
                                 :margin-right "1.5em"})]}
                (case (rum/react popup-content)
                  "Housing" (housing/content)
                  "Airport" "Airport"


That is how I have done it at the moment..


Hi, I am using rum with cljs-react-material-ui.rum and have hit a problem passing data- and aria- attrs I think a change from props-kebab->camel->js to sablono.util/html-to-dom-attrs should fix it (see Does that seem right?


I think πŸ™‚


Nope, I’m wrong πŸ™‚ Please ignore me πŸ™‚


Ended up switching from camel-snake-kebab to sablono