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@levitanong you always can build your own chain of atoms, with one end is subscribed to DB changes, and the other being subscribed to by component(s). The downside is: you need to maintain (and remember the topology of) that chain.


I've been working on something to create efficient chains of atoms which might be relevant in this context


@misha hmm… maintaining a DAG of atoms doesn’t seem very appealing 😛 I’m fairly inexperienced, so I’m not sure how this would work with datascript, exactly.


@martinklepsch I was looking at derivatives, but just like misha’s suggestion, it’s unclear to me how I would use this with datascript. 😛 Any plans for a wiki?


I didn't have datascript in mind when making this so it was more meant as an example that shows how to have the DAG/efficient propagation


@levitanong the library needs a watchable source so as long as you can turn your Datascript DB into that you might be covered


@martinklepsch datascript DBs are pretty opaque unfortunately. I’ve seen an open PR in datascript that attempted to do this, and based on the conversation there, it seems to be a very difficult problem which the PR doesn’t solve fully. Tonsky has been too busy to look at the PR, so it seems I’ll have to give up on datascript for the time being.