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Alright I am going to bounce a concept off you guys for a little validation so I can either move on or remove this brain virus. I started wanting to make a react application and I love the flowing data of re-frame … but I very much dislike atoms (I know they are needed but something about them makes me feel icky technical term)


So I have this idea in my head to do kind of the same thing as re-frame but by tying an FRP library like Reagi to Rum.


So there will be the root application atom and components can “subscribe” to things just like in re-frame except those subscriptions are handled by a Reagi events signal and all of that is abstracted away under a Rum mixin so the components never get the actual atoms, just the results from the event signal as it changes.


So now, I have never written an React application and every time I try to I instead just get stuck thinking about doing this instead. So I would like to know, does what I describe above sound feasible? Or am I missing something obvious that wouldn’t work.


Now I ask before “just doing it” because it’s pretty complicated for me and before I go putting in a ton of effort to make this work I would like quickly bounce it off someone smarter than me before wasting time on it.