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James Amberger14:02:02

I have a very small ring app and I want to be able to enter it via the repl. I use vim-fireplace, which lead me to Cider, which lead me to include (nrepl-server/start-server :port 7888 :handler cider-nrepl-handler) in my -main. Is this the correct approach? Initially I thought it would involve just putting some stuff in my deps.edn.


Might be something to ask in the vim-fireplace channel. I know Cider handles it automatically.

James Amberger15:02:54

on reflection I suppose this question has nothing to do with ring specifically.

James Amberger15:02:04

If I start a server from a terminal repl, how do I shut it down without losing my repl (as happens if I hit ctrl-c)?