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Team, Why do we want to wrap-gzip ?

Ben Sless16:11:39

Smaller payloads

Ben Sless16:11:24

Could be beneficial when you're sending big responses or where paying for network traffic begins to impact your bottom line


Does that unzip somewhere?


I'm later stage? Or does that need to be unzip?

Ben Sless17:11:49

The receiver needs to unzip the response

Ben Sless17:11:55

If they request it zipped, they can get it zipped


i am just understanding my project and this was used in the (mount/defstate :start (wrap-gzip....)) , what happens if we use it in defstate? any idea?

Ben Sless17:11:35

Clients will get a gzipped response


what is the function to unzip it?

Ben Sless21:11:40

You'll need to deflate the gzip stream on the client side