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What is the current status of ring 2.0 / ring 2.1? My particular use case is to authenticate a request and use java.nio to serve files out of a zip efficiently, as it stands I need to spawn a thread to run the Files/copy to copy the file out of the zip to the ring output stream. It’d be nice to be able to just return a java.nio.Path (in a zip filesystem) to ring and have it automatically copy it via nio (presumably through SeekableByteChannel) for me. Reading through the threads at it seems nio support is planned after websocket support and slated for ring 2.1, so likely some years off yet, is that right?!


it's in stasis I think


it's mostly a one man show sadly, so not sure when/if it will evolve


I am eager to have ring evolve too personally, but wouln't mind ring2 leaving out WS out of the picture


WS is full of little quirks/details that make it tricky to build a spec that will work nicely/efficiently for everybody (every server impl.) imho