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I wonder if ring apps are generally vulnerable to keyword attacks... looking at it looks like an attacker could request random url parameters repeatedly until filling the java process memory with interned keywords. I remember a similar attack on ruby/rails and symbols


I think they're interned into a weakmap, so they'd be gc


So it would just cause some gc churn, not a memory leak


If i recall correctly what you mention was an issue early on, like clj 1.1 or stg


How to create prefix for URIs? I mean which can be whatever.

I was thinking about values above, but I am not sure how ring determine :server-name. Let’s say it will be in docker in k8s cluster. What will be this value then? How are you doing this? I have to return URLs to files on the server and I wanted keep it simple and not create additional configuration for host domain.


Can I use server-name for this purpose without issues?


What is the best practice?


I'm looking for documentation/example on uploading files to a server using reitit and ring... please point me to the direction of such a resource if you know of any, thanks


I have spent hours trying to figure out how to do this.... you could even point me to what documentation I should read 😢


all reitit swagger-examples have upload implemented


thanks for replying, I have seen these examples, however there are issues I still face that I can't figure out


I'm still stuck whith this