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Hi Guys, I have an issue with compojure-api Here is my route definitions:

(context "/:storeId" []
        (GET "/collections" {:as request params :params}
          :summary "Get Collections"
          :path-params [storeId :- s/Str]
          :return [Collection]
          (ok (list {:id 101 :name "My Collection"})))

        (GET "/tags" {:as request params :params}
          :summary "Get Tags"
          :path-params [storeId :- s/Str]
          :return [Tag]
          (ok (list {:id 101 :tag "My Collection"}))))
The problem is that 1st route is working great, but second one is not b/c of return shema validation: Here what I get: {"errors":[{"name":"missing-required-key","tag":"disallowed-key"}]} Seems like it is trying to validate return of second route with schema of 1st route