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I'm trying to get the base Luminus app uploaded and working to elastic beanstalk (as an uberwar on Tomcat), but don't quite understand what I should expose as the :handler in the :uberwar definition in project.clj some of the tutorials specified that as :handler <project-name>.handler/app, but app seems to have changed from a variable into a function, so I'm not quite sure what the correct value should be. any help would be much appreciated 🙂


@pc123 I think #luminus would be a good place to get help for this?


I'll try over there as well, thanks (thought I'd post here because it had to do with wiring up the handler to an API defined with compojure-api)


cool. please tell how you got it resolved.


Re-reading the deployment docs now (, I missed this statement "The +war Luminus profile is incompatible with Immutant apps intended to run on WildFly and should not be used". Was only looking at the "Deploying to Tomcat" section and was trying to follow the steps for manually enabling the lein-uberwar plugin; I ended up re-making my app with the +war profile enabled and everything works great now